SBS – snížení intervalu stahování pošty přes POP3 konektor

You can set the polling interval so that polling occurs more frequently than every 15 minutes:

Add a “ScheduleAccelerator” (DWORD) entry to

To determine the actual polling interval: Divide the POP3 Scheduling interval (the value you have configured in the POP3-Connector GUI’s Scheduling tab) by the value you set for the ScheduleAccelerator reg entry. For example, if you specify a 15-minute interval in the POP3-Connector GUI, and you set the ScheduleAccelerator value to 3, the POP3 Connector will poll every 5 minutes (15 divided by 3). If you set it to 5, the POP3 Connector will poll every 3 minutes.

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  1. Super článek, jenom by to chtelo dopsat, že hodnota není Schedule, ale ScheduleAccelerator!!! Ono to jinak nefunguje :-(

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