Zkratky pro Windows Vista aneb jak rychle otevírat dialogy, konzoly a programy

Urychlete si správu Windows Vista. Velkou řadu dialogů a konzolí lze otevřít zadáním odpovídajícího příkazu do příkazového řádku. Kromě toho je můžete vyvolat pouhým vepsáním do řádku pro hledání, který se najdete ve spodní části Start menu.


appwiz.cpl – Program and Features
bthprops.cpl – Bluethoot properties
collab.cpl – Poeple Near Me
desk.cpl – Display settings
firewall.cpl – Windows Firewall settings
hdwwiz.cpl – Add Hardware
inetcpl.cpl – Internet Explorer properties
intl.cpl – Regional and Language Options
irprops.cpl – Infrared
javacpl.cpl – Java Control Panel
joy.cpl – Game controllers
main.cpl – Mouse properties
mmsys.cpl – Sound
ncpa.cpl – Network connections
powercfg.cpl – Power option
sysdm.cpl – System properties
tabletpc.cpl – Pen and Input Devices
telephon.cpl – Phone and Modem Options
timedate.cpl – Date and Time
wscui.cpl – Windows Security Center

Microsoft managment console

azman.msc – Autorization Manager
certmgr.msc – Certificates Manager
comexp.msc – Component Services
compmgmt.msc – Computer Management
devmgmt.msc – Device Manager
diskmgmt.msc – Disk Managemet
eventvwr.msc – Event Viewer
fsmgmt.msc – Shared Folder
gpedit.msc – Group Policy Object Editor
gpmc.msc – Group Policy Management Console
lusmgr.msc – Local Users and Groups
napclcfg.msc – NAP Client Configuration
perfmon.msc – Reliability and Performance Monitor
printmanagement.msc – Print Management
rsop.msc – Resultant Set of Policy
secpol.msc – Local Security Policy
services.msc – Services
taskschd.msc – Task Scheduler
tpm.msc – Trusted Platform Module
wf.msc – Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
wmimgmt.msc – WMI Management


calc.exe – Kalkulačka
cleanmgr.exe – Disk Cleanup
cmd.exe – Command Prompt
colorcpl.exe – Color Manager
CompMgmtLauncher.exe – Computer Management
ComputerDefaults.exe – Set Program Access and Computer Defaults
Control.exe – Control Panel
CredWiz.exe – Backup and restore your stored name and password
dfrgui.exe – Disk Defragmenter
dpiscaling.exe – DPI Scaling
dvdplay.exe – Windows Media Player
dxdiag.exe – DirectX Diagnostic Tool
uedcedit.exe – Provate Character Editor
eventvwr.exe – Event Viewer
FirewallControlPanel.exe – Firewall Control Panel
FirewallSettings.exe – Firewall Settings
hdwwiz.exe – Add Hardware Wizard
charmap.exe – Charakter Map (Mapa znaků)
lpksetup.exe – Language Pack Installer
magnify.exe – Magnificer (Lupa usnadnění)
mblctr.exe – Mobility center
mmc.exe – Microsoft Management Console
mrt.exe – Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
msconfig.exe – System Configuration
msdt.exe – Microsoft Diagnostic Tool
msinfo32.exe – System Information
mspaint.exe – Paint (Malování)
msra.exe – Microsoft Remote Asistance
mstsc.exe – Remote Desktop Connection
narrator.exe – Narrator (Hlasový výstup Windows)
netplwiz.exe – User Accounts
notepad.exe – Notepad (Poznámkový blok)
odbcad32.exe – ODBC Administration
OptionalFeatures.exe – Windows Features
osk.exe – On Screen Keyboard
perfmon.exe – Reliability and Performance Monitor
presentationSettings.exe – Presentation Settings
printbrmui.exe – Printer Migration
regedt32 – Registry Editor
rekeywiz.exe – Encrypting File System
rstrui.exe – System Restore
sdclt.exe – Backup Status and Configuration
shrpubw.exe – Share Creation Wizard
sigverif.exe – File Signature Verification
slui.exe – Windows Activation
sndvol.exe – Sound Volume
snippingtool.exe – Snipping Tool (Tvorba Screenshootů)
soundrecorder.exe – Sound Recorder
StikyNot.exe – Sticky Notes
sysedit.exe – System Configuration Editor
syskey.exe – Security the Windows Account Database
SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe – System Properties Advanced
SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe – System Properties Computer Name
SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention.exe – System Properties Dataexecution Prevention
SystemPropertiesHardware.exe – System Properties Hardware
SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe – System Properties Performance
SystemPropertiesProtection.exe – System Properties Protection
SystemPropertiesRemote.exe – System Properties Remote
taskmgr.exe – Task Manager
utilman.exe – Ease of Access Center
verifier.exe – Driver Verifier Manager
wercon.exe – Problem Reports and Solutions

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