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Configure DHCP Option 43 on Cisco Meraki MX appliance to point AP to its WLC

  Here is how to configure Option 43 on an MX appliance for a Cisco Aironet or Catalyst AP to discover its Wireless LAN Controller (WLC). My Catalyst 9800-CL controller IP address: MX appliance configuration Structure of the hex string “f1:04” tells the AP that only one WLC IP address is used, followed by […]

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iPhone USB Tethering on WLAN Pi

We have all been there. It is the night before an important training or meeting and you need to install few more packages on your WLAN Pi or push some code changes to GitHub. Guess what? There is no wired connection available in your room and the hotel Wi-Fi uses a captive portal or is […]

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How to install Cisco vWLC in VMware Fusion on your Mac

Officially, vWLC is not supported on Type-2 hosted hypervisors like Fusion or Workstation. However, if you need to build a non-production lab, portable demo or practice for your next exam, technically you can run vWLC in VMware Fusion. The trick is to install Fusion on your Mac, create a new VM with the free ESXi Hypervisor […]

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